Black Screen
Black Screen
samedi 02 juil. 2016

The Australian High Commission and the Mauritius Film Development Corporation is proud to present a selection of films from Australia's Black Screen collection for public viewing in Mauritius for the first time.


Black Screen promotes awareness of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, which comprise the oldest living cultural history in the world, as well as showcasing Australia's unique Indigenous talent.


The Black Screen collection includes short films, feature films and documentaries which tell stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and history as a way to better understand Australia's past and present in order to shape the future.


The award winning Australian Film Director, Rachel Perkins, will be the Special Guest of the Blackscreen Africa Film Festival. During her visit, Ms Perkins will run workshops for local film directors and students and will have an interactive discussion with the public prior to the screening of her film MABO.


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samedi 02 juil.


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